Monday, December 29, 2008

Get Down To Business,A Worksheet To Help You Understand Your Professional Self

Assalammualaikum to all my readers and bloggers.How are you today?Hope doing good.I pray all of you a good health always.Amin.

Reading about other peoples lives is all good and fine,but at the end of the day its about what you are going to do.To that end,I've put together a few questions for you.Most are open-ended,some show my own bias.Either way they're yours to answer.Consider them at your leisure.Consider them alone,or discuss them with friends and colleagues.Be honest with yourself.Jot down what comes to mind,and see what patterns emerge.This is a worksheet,so dont be too precious about it all.(Well...try,anyway.)Scribble,erase,scratch things,tack on extra pages where you need them.And dont forget to revisit your thought from time to time.

1.What gets you excited about your work?
2.Is there a way to unite the two?
3.What did you want to be when you were growing up?
4.What gets you excited about your life?
5.What do you do for fun?
6.Which one of your senses is most important to you?
a)sight b)hearing c)touch d)smell e)taste f)entitlement g)outrage h)snow i)humor j)wonder
7.Is there something you would rahther be doing?
8.Who controls your work?
9.Who owns your work and are you OK with that?
10.Are you proud of the work you do?
11.Who influences you?
12.How does that influences manifest itself?
13.Name your top 5 favorite projects.What made them fun?
14.Name your top 5 dream projects.
15.How much money are you making now? much money do you need to earn each year to live comfortably?
17.What scares you professionally?And personally?
18.Name 5 mistakes you wont repeat.
19.Which of these fears are useful to you and why?
20.If you making more money than that,what will you buy wuth the extra cash?
21.Whats the bigger luxury?A TV or saying No,Thanks to a soulness assignment?
22.Which of these fears would you like to overcome most?
23.Make a little pie chart of your life 1)as it is now and 2)as you'd like it to be?
a)Do you spend 47% of your time on work?
b)33% on love?
c)20% on sleep?
d)How about staying healthy?
e)Or on top of your reading?
24.Imagine yourself at 80.Think back on your choices.What have you done in your life yhat makes you proud?What did you miss?Why?
25.You are in trully deep trouble.Who is the first person you call?
26.If you knew that you had only six months left to live,what should you do?
27.Make a list of 10 people you admire.
28.Do you like making lists?
29.Do you like things that come in tens?
30.Make a list of 10 things you do to avoid working?
31.Make a list of 10 things outside your control that you worry about so much that you cant even bear to talk about them anymore.Now try to let them go.
32.Make a list of 10 people you would like to talk to over the next 12 months?
33.Make a list of 10 things you would love to do if only you could work up the nerve?
34.Name 5 things that make you feel confident about yourself as a person your profession?
35.What would you do with the next 5 years of your life?
36.Who do you love?

In the long run,walking the walk always beats talking the talk.

Full stop here.
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