Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy 53rd Malaysian Independence Day.Proud to be Malaysian.Malaysia,the most progress Muslim country in the world.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Malaysian Chelsea FC Pages on Facebook

Join us here at,!/pages/Selangor/Malaysian-Chelsea-FC/154659757430?v=wall&ref=ts


Monday, August 2, 2010

PIALA SERI ENDON 2010,Announcement of Result Round 1 Judging [Batik Design Category]

We are please to announce the successful participant for the Semi Final.

FH 001 Mohd Ashmawi Mohd Arshad,Anatomy (Paru-paru Manusia)
FH 002 Afileo Aurora,Electro
FH 003 Artfish Studio,Psychedelic Forest
FH 004 The Art Of Texture,The Art Of Texture
FH 005 Leong Sou Shing,Show Time
FH 006 Altebson,Fury Of Poseidon
FH 007 Seri Mutiara,Kontemporari Islamic
FH 008 Ong Xiu Ru,Paris Fusion Extravaganza
FH 009 M.E.F.A,Life Under The Sea
FH 011 Legacy Cassanova,Mysterious Of Dundee
FH 012 Hon Shu Wen,Sunset Roman
FH 013 The Saya's,Burning Desire
FH 014 Garde,The Dream Weaver
FH 015 Avant,Melastoma Senduduk
FH 017 Mohamad Azizul Ismail,The Eye Illusion
FH 019 Tenderness Glamorous,Expansion Bud
FH 020 2nd Inspired,Speed Of Aromatic
FH 021 Ombak Selatan,Gelombang Warna
FH 022 Teruna Dara,Palace Of Guppy
FH 023 Haphazard,Assertive Of Scenery
FH 024 Kilauan,Rombituon Pesona
FH 025 Sehalus Kaca,Miniciple Of Ambhia
FH 026 Seri Kenyalang,Malam Kayangan
FH 027 The All Designer,Keunikan Henna (Inai)
FH 028 Art Apprentice,Fern Is Beautiful
FH 032 Rias,Warisan Heritage And Contemporary
FH 033 Goh Loo Ghee,Isaac Kehijauan Tanahair
FH 034 Prism,Spectrum
FH 035 Shia Ben Kin,Michelle Tulipomania
FH 036 United Color Of Ramezol,The Immortality Beauty
FH 037 Black Widow,Venom Splendour
FH 038 Syahrul Amirul Samsuri,Ethnic Rhythm
FH 039 Urban Owl,Si Pungguk Rindukan Rembulan
FH 040 Graffito,Urban Phenomena
FH 041 Amirul And Fadil,Insect
FH 042 Dota Heroes,Cruelty In Social Life
FH 043 Jun Design,Soul Of Rhythm
FH 044 Generation,Infiniti
FH 045 Roshidah Hussian,Drapes Of Coral
FH 048 Instinct,The Opulent Of Orchid Splandour In Kebaya Nyonya
FH 049 Fushion,Geometry Nouveau
FH 050 Aqua's Treasure,Aqua's Treasure
FH 059 Violette,Deesse Del Mar
FH 060 Lim See Ling,Owls
FH 061 Chew Siong Leng,Mystery Malaysian Forest
FH 062 Kho Zhi Ling,Fantasy Forest
FH 063 Bee & Munn,Ukiran Kayu
FH 064 Roslan Hussain,Ancient Maya (The Circle)


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