Monday, January 19, 2009

An Open Letter to Mr.Barack Obama

44th United States of America President elected,Mr.Barack Obama
Congratulations on your inauguration as 44th President of United States of America.You have made history as the first ever African-American to sit this hot chair.Now,the black people stand same high along with the white people.No worries.To the present white people,please open your eyes widely.Do not discriminate the black people anymore.Times up.
I am citizen of Malaysia would like to list down my hope and wish you to deliver the good world without any stupidness action from you after this.
1.Free Palestine from the Israel Laknatullah.
2.Shut the Guantanamo Bay.Freed the innocent prisoners.
3.Pull out your soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan.
4.Teach the Israel Laknatullah Prime Minister,Ehud Olmert to learn about peace no war.
5.Tell the Israel Laknatullah Defence Minister,Ehud Barak the suffering of Palestinians loss their beloved ones.
6.I believe in your New American Order.Proof to the world that you will introduce and apply your New American Order.
7.Will you same as Bush follow what Israel Laknatullah said to you.Will you dare to follow the Israel Laknatullah fingertips?
8.Put the black people and others(other than white people) in your country in a high grade of life and education.
9.Come and pay a visit to my country,Malaysia.The most modern country in Islam world.
Its just a small hope from me,a tiny Malaysian with no absolute power in hand.Im nobody.

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