Monday, October 5, 2009

Kuala Lumpur International Batik Convention and Exhibition 2009,11-13 December 2009,KL Convention Centre,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

Organised by Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia,the inaugural KLIB Convention and Exhibiton was held in 2005,With speakers from 15 countries,that Convention was attended by some 500 people from various fields-artists,designers,students,lecturers,people in the batik and handicrafts industry,batik enthusiasts and aficionados.The Exhibition,which had a wide array of batik fashion and products had some 10.000 visitors.The KLIB Convention and Exhibition in 2007 is designed to be aniconic event that showcases the multiple dimensions of batik-art and craft,technique and technology,marketing and business-to the world.
The conference aims to be a platform to;
*develop an international network of batik enthusiasts
*foster closer ties among batik producing countries
*create a forum for the batik craft and industry around the world
*share techniques,innovations tecnology and marketing strategies for batik craft and industry
*focus on the long term relevance,growth,progress and prominence of the batik craft and industry internationally.
In essence,the Convention will exemplify the coming together of the traditional and contemporary aesthetics in batik art and craft,cutting edge technology and market driven business strategies fir the world to view and share.

Presentation Format
The Convention includes presentations in a form of papers,workshops,demonstrations,panel discussions and art and craft or multimedia displays.Presentations may be made in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Conference Themes
All presentations should be conducted within the confines of any one of the combination of the following themes such as history of batik,design of batik,fashion of batik,hybridity of batik,versatility of batik,marketing of batik,technique of batik,aesthetics of batik,spirituality of batik,standards of batik,technology of batik,community of batik,endurance of batik,modernization of batik,transculturalization of batik,nationality/ethnicity of batik and internalization of batik.

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