Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Piala Seri Endon

Lucas & Zoe,Winners Piala Seri Endon 2007(Batik Fashion Design categories)

An annual Batik Fashion Design Competition named after our late patron,Datin Paduka Seri Endon Mahmoud.

The Ethos
Named after the late Datin Paduka Eri Endon Mahmoud,the Piala Seri Endon was conceived to discover and to provide a platform to support,recognition and encouragement of Malaysia's over 18 years of age and is part of the Malaysia Batik-Crafted Fir the World movement which was launched by Datin Paduka Seri Endon in 2003.

Competition Categories
In 2003,there was just one category to this competition-that of Fashion.Soft Furnishing was added in 2004.The Handicraft category was added in 2005.Expansion in categories has been in line with the movements aim to broaden the base of products to which batik can be applied in the belief that diversification in the use of batik can only add to higher sales of batik yardage overall.

Of the categories,Fashion has been the most popular with participants and is certainly the one that garners the most entries.Soft Furnishing receives the least entries,possibly because of the yardage required to make the items,which would mean considerably more work and possibly expense.While handicraft might be perceived as an easier category to join,the judges have generally found the entries not of a high standard.In the first year,the first prize was not awarded.In 2006,the standard was raised somewhat.But in 2007,out of 25 entries,only six qualified for Round 2.

The Trophy
The intricate design of the trophy represents a hand block-which is used in the making of Batik.made of exotic timber and highly polished pewter,the trophy is 18 inches(approximately 460mm) high and 6.5kg in weight.The origiinal Challenge Trophy is kept by the Organiser for use in this annual event.Names of winners of the trophy are engraved on plaques on the back of the trophy.Winners are given a smaller replica weighing 2kg,while consolation prize winners receive a 1.5kg replica.

Royal Selangor,a Malaysian pewter brand with retail outlets world wide,has donated all the trophies since 2003.

Monetary Prizes
Prize money for each categories is as follows:
*First Prize,RM30,000
*Second Prize,RM10,000
*Third Prize,RM5,000

There are also five consolation prizes of RM1,000 each.

Total prize money for all categories is therefore RM150,000.
Support Malaysian batik industry.
I thank you.
Appreciate very much.

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