Thursday, October 20, 2011

Art programme at Galeri Petronas,KLCC,KL

Art programmes at Galeri Petronas,KLCC,KL
20 Okt 2011,1500hrs-teaching Fashion Design by Prof.Madya Kalsom Muda
27 Okt 2011,1500hrs-Fine art skills in developing creative clothing by Associate Prof.Hasnol Jamal Saidon [USM],Prof.Najib [UMK] dan Prof.Sulaiman Ghani [UiTM]
29 Okt 2011,1400hrs-The basics of shoe design and foot anantomy by Ramli Ismail [UMK]
4 Nov 2011,1730hrs-The basics of product and commercial photography by Puah C.K
9 Nov 2011,1500hrs-Dressing for Stage,The costume designer and his design by Akma Suriati dan A.Sam Palal
20 Nov 2011,1100hrs-Forecasting future fashion trends by Dr.Lucy Jones,University of East London

For registration and further information,please contact Rofiah Sulaiman at +60323311228 or e-mail
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