Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Piala Seri Endon 2009,Announcement of Results,Round 1 Judging,Fashion Category.

Below is the successful participants to the Semi-Final Fashion category.

Please note that all successful participants will have to collect their fabric samples as soon as possible from 1000hrs-1600hrs at Level 3,Wisma Penyayang,Seri Kembangan,Selangor.Call Mr.Azfa for an appointment.

1.FH002,Zainur Asyiqin Zainal Abidin,Phytton:Into The Wildness Trend and Elegance.
2.FH004,Leong Shou Shing,Orientik.
3.FH007,Srikandi,Movement Expression.
4.FH008,Coral Spark,Coral.
6.FH011,Artfish Studio,Fiery Crab.
7.FH012,Matahari Crew,The True Spirit.
8.FH015,Japanese,Falling Pieces.
10.FH018,S.A,The Wave of Evening Bubbles.
11.FH019,A.S,Mysterious of Universal.
12.FH020,Trendista Five,The Blissful Circus.
13.FH021,Double Ling,Nyonya.
14.FH025,R.S.P In Action,The Fantasy of Daisy.
15.FH026,Arowana,Arowana World.
16.FH032,Pucuk Rebung,Colours of Begonia.
17.FH033,Femmz Fatale,Rosa-Sinensis.
18.FH034,Vogue Girls,Reborn.
20.FH036,Prudence Yap Swee Yee,Brighten Up Your Life.
21.FH037,T.M.S,Speechless Touch.
22.FH039,Maisarah,The Beautiful Ressistant.
23.FH040,Silent Killer,Influenza A(H1N1).
24.FH041,Sithaletchumy a/p Tangga Muthu,Pekaka.
25.FH042,Trang Bulan,Queen of the Night-Siri 1.
26.FH043,Wrasse Team,Ilham Ranggi.
27.FH045,Bob Maleys,Bisa Berbisa.
28.FH046,Sparkle Aura,Aura Bunga Lawang.
29.FH047,Igu Group,Chiky of Iguana.
30.FH048,The Three,Dark in the Light.
31.FH049,All In,Kerajinan.
32.FH050,Dancing Silhouette,Dancing Silhouette.
33.FH051,Leong Siew Teng,Mystery of Eyes.
34.FH052,The Beauty of Colours,The beauty of Colours.
35.FH054,Ma Ying Pai@Aggie,One Malaysia.
36.FH055,Nurminhana Abdul Rashid,Eternal Elegance.
38.FH057,Akmal Ariffin,Merak Kayangan.
39.FH061,Mohd.Arefen Zaidin,The Blooming Camellia.
40.FH063,KJ 2009,Irresistible Sensation of Poppy.
41.FH064,Dirly and Crew,Dua Dunia.
42.FH066,We-Design,Ikal Mayang.
43.FH0067,Senijiwa,Pamor Manggis,Zuhruf Khursani.
44.FH068,The Borneo Za,Garis Bayu Santubong.
45.FH071,Paris Ong Xiu Ru,Pacth of Life.
46.FH073,Meeting in Two,Dream Me a Dragon.
47.FH076,Rico Rinaldi Tono,Republik Flora.
49.FH079,The Textile Favour,Malay Geometric and Architecture Form.
50.FH080,The Combination of Three,The Essentric of Kenanga.
51.FH081,Zailani Abu Hassan,Busana Muslimah.
52,FH082,Danielle and Dennis,Kucing Si Manja

Thank you and Congratulations.

Malaysia Batik,Crafted for the World.
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